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TOPIC: .jpg format

.jpg format 11 years 2 weeks ago #74172

I scanned a couple of pics from a Herters catalog, re-sized them with irfanview, and saved them as .jpg files.
I typed in the message and added pics. I tried to preview and it wouldn't show the preview so I just submitted it.
Screen came up saying my post wasn't uploaded because only (gave a number of file types including .pdf ect.) accepted. No.jpg in list!
I redid the file, resized and "saved as" .jpg again. Same message.

Did it again. Gave up and went back to the post and saw that message had posted three times. Never had that problem before and have posted photos many times. Could it because of being a scan? Doesn't seem likely.
I was concerned that second photo didn't post, but now I remember I needed to edit and ad second pic. Forgot in all the confusion. I am going back to try an ad second pic. Need to have multiples removed.
I am going to try and ad one of the offending pics to this post and see what message I get, if any.
Edit: I tried to upload the second pic that I neglected to do the re-edit on but it was rejected because height out of spec (2048 pixels).
I am going to check the size on that one again. Will also try add pic that did come up in original post to this post.
OK - it uploaded and no rejection message, although it wouldn't preview again, I could only submit. This was also and edit, not a new, full blown message with pics.
I am going to check the resize on the second pic and try to add it to this post.
Edit: Added second pic that was too big. Looks like I didn't save it correctly after the resize. Still can't preview.
Edit: OK the second one went through OK. I am going to try an add it to my original post (which was "Herters followed me home)
Still don't understand message on the first pic that it was wrong file type, but it posted anyway.
Sure looks like operator error to me. :blush:
Still need to get multiples removed.

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