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TOPIC: Tips for 1967 Glasspar Avalon interior rebuild?

Tips for 1967 Glasspar Avalon interior rebuild? 1 year 4 months ago #146030

Hello! This is my 1967 Glasspar Avalon. I don't know a lot about its history. It was last registered in 2017 so it sounds like it has been on the water not too long ago. The previous owner bought it without a motor as a project. He found a non running mercury but never got any farther on it. I bought it this fall and went right to work getting the 1982 Mercury 40hp outboard running. Now that it runs I've ripped the original interior out (the seats were beyond repair and the vinyl flooring was peeling). I'm looking for any advice on finishing up the interior. My current plan is to sand the old adhesive/flooring off the floor with a powered vacuum sander. The floor seems solid, there are no soft spots except one spot in the far rear that has a crack in the floor. I plan to repair that with new fiberglass after the floor is sanded. My understanding is that for a 1967 Glasspar this should have fiberglass tube stringers and not wood so I think I should be good to go. Once the floor is sanded I want to coat it in some kinda white duracoat epoxy/truck bed liner. I'm still researching which product to use and would be happy for any suggestions? I plan to coat the entire floor and interior sidewalls. I will cut new sidewall trim pieces and I think I'll cover them in blue vinyl. Then I want to get some of the fake teak foam eva flooring. I may consider some custom cut pieces if my budget allows it, having "Avalon" written down the center of the floor sounds lovely. But if I go the cheaper route I'll buy and cut some from amazon. For seats I have some Wise 8WD505P-1 back to back lounge seats picked out in white with blue trim. They come with plastic boxes. I still have the original seat boxes. I may reuse the original or try and cut the plastic depending on how it look like it will line up. One question i have is how to mount them to the floor. The original mounts look to be some kinda rubber expanding pieces that stuck into holes in the floor and then had an angle bracket. Can I just mount bracket straight to the floor with screws and sealant? Or is it better to try and use the original mounts? After that the exterior needs a good working over. I found a good how to guide on here I plan to follow and see how it goes. The windshield has significant pitting and scratches, I found a shop in california that will make a new windshield but its pricey. I might see how a polish does on the windshield before deciding to replace or not. Any other tips or thoughts about my plan are appreciated!

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