The FiberGlassics® web site has a unique and dedicated following in the boating community. Statistically speaking the site ranks high in traffic on the web and has a very active community of boating enthusiasts. To help support the site, FiberGlassics® offers commercial members a number of ways to reach our members.

The following is a list of ways (and costs) for commercial entities to advertise on FiberGlassics®.

1. Rotating Banner Ads: Banner ads appear on every page of the site except for the Library. The ads rotate on some pages and on others they are randomly displayed. Advertisers get a graphic banner ad that will link the member to your site. The following is an example of a banner ad:



The dimensions of these ads are 180 wide by 170 tall pixels.

The cost for a banner ad is $200 per year. Click statistics are available. Graphic design and layout is available for an extra charge to create an attractive ad.

2. Glassic Businesses Section: This area features your business card with logo, text and links to your site for only $40/year. This is the basic place to start advertising your business on FiberGlassics®. You can ad a "media" file such as a video or sound file to your business listing for an additional $20 per year per file. Your ad will be featured on several pages including the forums on the right hand side under "Glassic Businesses".

An example of a business listing with an audio media file is found here:

3. Weblinks: To include your commercial site in the Weblinks section which directs members to your site, the cost is $20 per year.

4. Glassified Ads for Commercial Businesses: You may display one commercial ad in the Glassifieds for $30 per month. If your company has more than one product you would like to feature, please contact us for a discussion of your needs.

5. Forum Advertising: Commercial posts in the Forums is not allowed. If you wish to have your company listed as a Forum Sponsor (at the top of the forum), we accept one Sponsor per month. The cost is $50 per month.

6. Mailing List: There is a dedicated mailing list that users can subscribe to that is opt-in and is titled, "Messages from our sponsors". Your advertisement can be included in this for $50.00 per emailing.

FiberGlassics® reserves the right to review and approve or deny any advertising on the website. All prices and policies are subject to change without notice.

If you would like to advertise on this site, please use the Contact Form

Thank you for your interest!


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