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So many questions, we thought we'd define exactly what a "FiberGlassic" is.  There's lots of definitions out there these days so we thought we'd settle it once and for all.

We define FiberGlassic as  a Classic Fiberglass Boat designed and built from  the  50’s through  the early 70’s..  Our goal is to promote the restoration and enjoyment of these unique craft!.

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Re: Just what is a "FiberGlassic"
May 03 2015 02:18:20

WELCOME ABOARD & LUCKY YOU, imVho. - NIFTY rig too. = I used to ski behind one of those most every Summer weekend, when we lived on the lakeshore.

yours, satx
Re:Just what is a "FiberGlassic"
May 03 2015 06:19:23
I love the looks, style, and lines on the old boats. But I grew up with a 70s Witchcraft. I'm familiar and comfortable with the 70s boats, and love the 2 stroke mercs. I have a real thing for the metal flake gelcoat, and the whole cCalifornia lines of low dead rise, low freeboard. There were some god awful boats produced in every decade, and still today. So I kinda pick and choose of what looks cool to me.

There are too many comments to list them all here. See the forum for the full discussion.
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